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Build an organization structure on Ethereum

The goal of this project is to enable a user to configure an organization structure of any depth and complexity using Ethereum addresses as nodes. It currently supports:

Referential integrity

Hierarchical integrity

CRUD operations

Dynamic linking

Matrix organizations

Transaction integration

The use case provides for a Purchase Order approval scenario whereby a PO is submitted for approval and migrates up the organization hierarchy until the appropriate approval level is reached. The node determined by this process becomes the approver of the PO.

The eventual goal is to be able to add plug-ins for any type of business process that would refer to the org structure.

There is currently a limitation whereby Smart Contracts can generate no more than 24K in bytecode (EIP 170) Both org.sol and po.sol will need to be refactored into smaller contracts in order to complete the functionality. The PO approval process works but some maintenance functions are yet to be deployed due to EIP 170 issues.

This is my first Ethereum project and I am attempting to replicate the functionality I am familiar with from working on global supply chain and financial systems.

The frontend is basic Bootstrap at this point.

Just saw your project, really nice work :slight_smile:

2 remarks to make it even better:

  • use React in frontend
  • change the doc from google doc to markdown, in the repo

Thanks for the feedback.

@pcullen001 good luck on this! Please keep us informed on how it’s working out.

Thanks Travis. A long way to go on this yet.

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I built a frontend in React.

Note: Planning on implementing Dai as currency as opposed to Eth.

Presentation is here:

Some screenshots:

Wow that’s a nice project!
Yes using DAI will def be better than ETH

I made some videos of this dApp in operation:

B2B Scenario -

B2C/e-commerce scenario - Note the cart is on chain here which you wouldn’t do in practice. It was just easier to demo for now.