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Certify a file on the blockchain

My customer has created a platform where his clients upload music made by them. He would like to “certify” these files on the blockchain.

What I ask is: what is the best approach to accomplishing this?

I had thought of creating a smartcontract that would take two variables as input (eg: email creator and hash of the file) and write these values in blochckain.

Is this approach correct? Also, how could this smart contract write to the blockchain without gas? I should send him some ethereum first right? Any blockchain writing would also involve a high transaction cost … how could I optimize this thing?

I need your advice on how best to proceed to accomplish this.

Sorry for my bad english… I’m italian :slight_smile:

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I did something very similar to this. Combining email and hash of the file seems okay but you have to keep in mind any user who has some ether could send the same file hash with email to that particular contract.

Unfortunately there is no way to write to a blockchain without paying gas fee, one solution is to create an address which you fund with some Ethers and every time transaction happens you send it from your funded address.

What I did, I created a REST API and I called it from frontend. Then the API sent the transaction to the Ethereum network. Javascript + express + web3.

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