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Dapp Starter Kit!

Hey guys I made a dapp starter kit for Ethereum packed with react, redux, configured redux dev tools, bootstrap, truffle, web3, reselect & lodash with web3, account, and sample contract already preloaded on the front end via redux store. All files and folders are all setup to handle the scale of any application beginner to advanced :slight_smile: As you’ll see in the redux dev tools extension, web3, metamask, contract and contract data such as events are already loaded and ready to be used. Just simply replace the sample contract with your own and you are ready to go!

Download the dapp starter kit here: and read the docs.

Using this kit requires knowledge with JS ES6+, React, Redux and a little knowledge of libraries such as Lodash and Reselect so i suggest you do some homework :slight_smile:

In the future, I’ll add more features such as displaying methods in the UI so stay tuned.

Let me know if you have any questions, happy coding!

Very cool! Thanks for that!
2 suggestions:

  • Move contracts folder to root folder, otherwise people used to the standard layout of Truffle projects might be confused.
  • what you call abis is actually contract artifacts (the whole json document). The abi is only a subset of it

Once you make a Dapp with your starter kit, it would be cool to add it as an example to the repo, or put a link in the readme :slight_smile:

True, i kept in the src folder only because we invoke it in the store. Just makes it a little easier to access but ill clarify it in the readme. And ill change abi back build so people recognize it. Thanks for the suggestions! And I already have an example dapp in my github that i will add. Hopefully others will use this kit and we can see some incredible stuff be made!

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Very cool! I’m still learning react basics. I’ll git it a go when I get those nailed down

@chadracelis, this project helped me to understand reducers, actions, stores, selectors, etc… more clearly.

Up until reading this post, I was using the truffle/react box and adding necessary functions as needed or so I thought. Now you have sent me down a rabbit hole.

Of course building from scratch helped me to understand why and what is happening. Now I’m ready to dive in and this helps eliminate a lot of grunt work.

Thanks for sharing!

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This is very cool! I’m going to check this out and give it a whirl.

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@Hsien-Hsiu were you able to duplicate everything in the kit?

Hey @TravisO, I’m not very good with Redux, so I haven’t done much other than cloning the repo and looking at the code. But he also has a DEX based on this starter kit and it seems to work pretty well.