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Day 4 - advanced storage

Hello, so… I am trying to complete Day4-AdvancedStorage. I am at the stage where I have connect metamask to the Ganache network, the frontend code is written. The problem is that the transaction sent by add() to add my number to the array to be displayed on frontend isnt reaching metamask. and I get this error message in the firefox console

‘‘Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: package_json__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_0_ is not a constructor’’

would appreciate any help, really want to understand what’s going wrong here))

Also, i tried copying the $addData + callback from /end/client/index.js and it didnt fix it

Make sure web3 is installed. I had to actually manually install it on windows 10. “npm install web3” and that solved the error for me.

anyway, just a thought mate.

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Hey, i have tried that before and I found the same error with metamask processing the tx, I’ll try again and see if i can get it working with web3 manually installed. Thanks

edit: It worked! I ended up just using the index.js provided in the course and I think last time i tried it with manually installed web3 my code was erroneous haha