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DEX project rechart error (section 22)

Hi! Has anyone come across an issue on rechart? I’ve installed the npm package rechart version 2.0.0, and can’t compile. The message is:

./node_modules/recharts/es6/index.js"export 'Props' (reexported as 'AreaProps') was not found in './cartesian/Area'

Any idea? Thanks!

I found some solutions on google:

And one of the solution resolved the issue:

This is because the es6 compile folder’s index.js imports types that are not left in the actual files after compilation.

A temporary hack is to use the src folder directly for TypeScript, or the umd version for JS.

So instead of:

import { Area } from “recharts”;

JS users should use:

import * as Recharts from “recharts/umd/Recharts”;
const Area = Recharts.Area;

For us:

import { ResponsiveContainer, LineChart, Line, CartesianGrid, XAxis, YAxis } from ‘recharts/umd/Recharts’;

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