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Dex test error - ERC20Detailed is missing

When I start testing DeX code (Blockchain Masterclass) , it gives the error as ERC20Detailed.sol is missing.
This contract file also seems to be missing from Openzeppelin’s github page.

Any thoughts on this ?

ERC20Detailed was updated and merged into ERC20 contract. You have to update all contracts like the BAT.sol below.


Thanks!!! @rou369, that worked for me…

Well glad you guys were able to figure it out.

But this error should not happen, in packaga.json#dependencies I specified the beta version of Openzeppelin 3.0 in

  "@openzeppelin/contracts": "^3.0.0-beta.0",
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And the notable thing is that the parameter for decimal value is not required to be passed explicitly because it has been hard coded now to 18.

the code from ERC20.sol—>
constructor (string memory name, string memory symbol) public {
_name = name;
_symbol = symbol;
_decimals = 18;