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ERC1155 minter function

first of all I want to kindly thank Julian for being this much awesome and I truly respect all the work he done, all the videos, all the communities, everything…
i learned a lot from his videos, i mean A LOT!

well lets go straight ahead to the issue:
…so im working on a ERC1155 token.
openzeppelin has a presetMinter for it, but i want to mint my token with more complex things.

i see 3 methods to do it:
1- without using presetMinter from openzeppelin. right a minter funtion by myself in MyToken.sol
2- import presetMinter from openzeppelin to MyToken.sol and override that minter funtion with my custom one in MyToken.sol
3- import presetMinter from openzeppelin to MyToken.sol and declare a MyMint function that do all the things and passes the variables to presetMinter from openzeppelin. and try to call MyMint funtion for minting my token.

which is the best method? i mean which is more standard to do?
any other comments for doing this would be appreciated!