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Gamify crypto platform

Ladies and Gentleman!

im just filled with positivity .
since the last few days ive figured out a Token/Smart contract concept.
and i just cant wait to get connected with the right people and being able to realise/create it.

its an idea for a Gamify Platform on the binance smart chain bep20(maybe erc20) which is on the rise in my opinion if you look at: $Alice 1B market cap and $PET and many more numbers dont lie.

ive wrotten the Alpha phase white paper.

and i still need to assamble a dev team for the following steps
-conctract development
-website/graphic design
-marketing team.

now i would like your comment on the following steps:

  1. how open can i be with the whitepaper? i donot want it leeched.
    *is the crypto an honest envoiroment?

2.where can i find the right Devs? ofc website desingers i can look for , but coders and crypto marketeers where to find them?

  1. what is the price range you think it will cost me to let a team code the contract?
    or is it possible for a single person to do so.

its just i have lil to 0 experiance in Crypto contract devolpment.

and i hope this community can be of help.

have a nice day
and lets GET IT.

If you have access to the private discord group of eattheblocks you can post a job offer there, some devs will be interested :slight_smile:

@jklepatch hi sir thanks for your reply,
i see i get the acces by getting in the coures, the package seems packed and i will look in to it.

ive allready learned so much since i made this post , and will consider getting this crouse .

i am first learing on free courses.

price is more than fair.


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