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How Do I Compile and Deploy a Git Repository From My Local Server Using Truffle (Node Js and Ganache)?

The Git Repository that contains several smart contracts has been cloned to my desktop from GitHub:

Using Truffle, how do I compile and deploy the smart contracts contained in my folder?
I downloaded Node Js and Ganache but I’m unsure of what to do next.
Please help. Thanks.

Watch this introduction to Truffle and everything will be more clear :slight_smile:

Thanks Julien. But where can I get the “console terminal” that you mentioned at 0:32 in your video?

Can that be the Node Js that I already installed?

The link for the code episode 5 master at Github is no longer valid:

It turns out that I needed Git for Windows. Once I downloaded that, I follow the instructions on and everything is working. Thanks Julien

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