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Is Competetive Programming skills important to get Job as a Blockchain Developer?

Since I am in a college now, there is a sort of obsession here with Competitive Programming.

It also seems companies select candidates on the basis of Competitive Programming skills.

Honestly I have always enjoyed more when I develop projects and not when I spend hours to solve a coding problem.

I just want to Is it going to negatively effect my goal to get a blockchain developer job?

Should I focus on Competitive Programming, Data Structures when my aim is to be a Blockchain Development?

This is not a problem of Blockchain or not Blockchain but more what kind of companies do you want to work for.

The companies that pay the best are usually big companies that sometime value competitive programming.

For smaller companies and startups, they mostly care about your practical skills. Even though they pay a bit less it can still be very decent and you learn way moreā€¦ which can ultimately make you even more money than in a big co.

Blockchain technology has drawn much interest and is being adapted into every vertical like banking, Fintech, accounting, cryptocurrencies, the stock market, and the real-estate segment, because of its efficient record keeping in distributed ledgers with transactions that are safe, secure, and efficient. Also, the demand for Blockchain Developers also has increased.

There is no third-party involvement anywhere in the process and records can be viewed by the public, building a trustworthy secure payment system.

Technical skills required:


Blockchains run on code and is essential for logical interpretations and quantification.

Programming languages:

Blockchain technology uses languages like OOPs, flat and relational databases, and procedural language. Also required would be programming languages like C, JavaScript, and C.