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Is it compulsory to work with REACT for building DAPPs? What about DJANGO

Since I am comparatively better in Django than in React and I more into backend development, I actually build my DAPPs in Django.

Therefore , through my projects I work with both ( for reading data from the contracts.) And web3.js for making transactions using Metamask extension.

Although my DAPPs really fine. However I don’t see this practice of integrating Django with blockchain more popular?

I want to know if it’s okay for me to develop such DAPPs or is it compulsory to learn REACT like majority of them do.

You don’t have to use React or any framework. All you need to do is read and write data to the Blockchain, and build a user interface that can do this.

However, since Dapps are very interactive and have very little that happens in the backend, it makes more sense to have most of the code of your Dapp in the frontend, and very little or even nothing in the frontend.

And…when you have a lot in the frontend, you start to manipulate the DOM… and quickly that becomes complex…in this case React becomes useful, even though its not required.

The setup you describe with reading data in the backend and sending tx in the frontend seems complex. Now you have to manage the backend code AND the frontend code, and you also have to manage the mental context switch between Python and Javascript code.

If I were you I would just put everything in the frontend and not use Django at all. You can just use Vanilla JS at first, then learn/use React, or VueJS if it become too complex.

Finally, this video answer the question: Should you learn React for Dapps?

Thanks man.

This was indeed an amazing reply and really helpful

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