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Job and career as a Blockchain developer

I have developed my own blockchain using c# from scratch i.e 2 years ago… Including pow, private Blockchain network,PKI etc etc

Now I have developed many Blockchain products for my company…n also made few patents for my company on Blockchain …some are under process and some are under different banners so basically no credits for me all goes to company…

I want to switch my job …Now i am not getting any job as a Blockchain developer even though i get selected to the final round… They expect me to b fabric r golang expert…

What do i do now??? Leave Blockchain platform n go as a full stack developer???

Seems like you have done a lot already.

It takes time to find a good job, and Blockchain is no different. Don’t be too upset just because one specific company did not accept you, it’s really not meaningful.

You need to interview with more companies, keep your interview skills sharp, be patient and at some point it will work.

It seems you are focused on Enterprise Blockchain, which often needs tech like Hyperledger. So if I were you I would focus on that. And also make sure to blog about your work on the patents you developed (if there are no confidentiality issues of course).

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Thank you…i am more into building my own blockchain
Hmm… But still know one knows internally how hyperledger works …

I specialize on teaching how to build applications on top of Blockchain, not building the Blockchain tech itself, so if you want to become a Blockchain core developer it’s gonna be harder for me to help you.

If you are into this, you should try to join a team that is building Blockchain tech. On Ethereum, you have many teams who are implementing Ethereum 2.0. Parity Tech is also building an Ethereum client in Rust. For Hyperledger I am less knowledgeable, but try to to find a company that sponsors one of the open-source Hyperledger sub-project.

In terms of language you will be required to know one or several low-level languages, like C++, Rust, Golang…

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