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Need help to find out if contract deployed

I am a total nube at this so I will apologies in advance. I tried to migrate the flashloan to mainnet the console said it failed but when I look on either scan it says set completed. I am not sure what that means. do I try to migrate again or do I let it go?


Starting migrations…

Network name: ‘mainnet’
Network id: 1
Block gas limit: 14999513 (0xe4dfd9)


Replacing ‘Migrations’

transaction hash: 0x6ce284b96795a6a7488f5adf60ad75907f46f7fc2f011dedd0f4a85749c8634b
Blocks: 1 Seconds: 4
contract address: 0x55e9CC918beE754bE3DeAC99f39113fe5eed0dF6
block number: 12510796
block timestamp: 1622043643
account: 0x3703eaD5D1BE74f3f0cD10c95BFDdBecDABfE5b6
balance: 0.195905392648865158
gas used: 193243 (0x2f2db)
gas price: 85 gwei
value sent: 0 ETH
total cost: 0.016425655 ETH

Saving migration to chain.
Saving artifacts

Total cost: 0.016425655 ETH


Deploying ‘Flashloan’

transaction hash: 0x506fb5d9f42e5757e884b4a3ac02db7042a9ca10f6c3ba092e8d8615ba46f1d2

Error: *** Deployment Failed ***

“Flashloan” ran out of gas (using a value you set in your network config or deployment parameters.)

  • Block limit: 14985353 (0xe4a889)
  • Gas sent: 2100000 (0x200b20)

Can someone please help this costed 400 dollars and I still cant run the app
how do I fix it without spending more money

this has now happened twice the first time it only cost 20 dollars I Idont think I need to redeploy the migrate contract anymore is there anyway too fix this one

Yes a few of us had similar issues. It can really sting when it costs money and doesn’t even work. Due to the increased gas prices and price of ethereum in general it has become expensive to deploy contracts. That being said… Julien did let me know that there will be an update to make flashloan course for bsc to combat insane prices. For your contracts it looks like it ran outta gas on deployment. The contract of our flashloan is rather large and costs a fair bit to deploy. So if you didn’t specifify the correct amount of gas it will fail with this issue.

@Batman at 400 dollars I am not sure I want to give more. is there a way to just deploy the flashloan not the migrate. Or correct the current contract. I guess what I am getting at is there a way to get this functional without spending a ton more money? Or should I wait for the update to the class? I would like to get this deployed to try to recoup some of the money spent. and maybe learn how to get past this in the future

I would suggest you wait until Julien updates to bsc.

@Batman I will wait for this app but Is there a way to do what I am asking that is just to advanced. just from a learning aspect I am also trying to learn.

If you ran out of gas on deployment then you have no other way to “fix” it. You would need to either use truffle to just resend your flashloan contract with proper gas as migration contract did deploy. Or you can just start again and redeploy both again. Both of which will cost money. Sorry I don’t have a better answer for your situation other than to wait for Bsc flashloan code update