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On deploying on mainnetfork, error : Cannot read property 'programCounter' of undefined?

On deployment of flashLoan contract on mainnetfork I get the :

I double checked all of the files and all seem to be in order. Tried to google this but nothing useful came up … What could be the issue ?


Im updating with extra info:
this error occours when im trying to deploy the contract on mainfork net.
On the one terminal I run npm run fork and on another i run truffle migrate --reset --network mainnetFork.
I tried to uninstall ganache and install with another version but with no success.


I believe that is one of the same issues I ran into. It’s a bug in web3. The first link can tell you about it and the second link shows you where to add code into the project to fix it.

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Thanks, at least someone gave me some help around here :wink: thx

No problem, hope it fixed your error