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Problem with injecting web3 in Firefox

Hello everyone,

I am working on a well known app called pet shop and I have a problem with it.
Web3 is not getting injected in Firefox and therefore Metamask displays “not connected”.
I make my DAPP working on Ganache.

Does someone know how I could inject web3 in Firefox?

Thank you for your help

Take care


Sorry for the late answer Pierre. What do you see when you run console.log(window.ethereum) ?

Hi Julian,

Thank you for your answer.
When I type console.log(window.ethereum) in firefox I get this:

Thank you


Can you post a screenshot of this ‘not connected’ message?

By the way, make sure to use Chrome, not Firefox, when developing with Metamask.

Hello Julian,

Here is the screenshot:

I use the command “npm run dev” in order to launch the web browser.

Thank you