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Profitable Flashloans Lesson 12, help!


So i’m on lesson 12 of profitable flashloans (noob here so please go easy)

Anyways I have followed all the steps so far to a tee however at the end of lesson 12 when I try and recieve blocks im not getting anything.


That is what is coming up.

Please help.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Also here is my codeScreenshot_2

check that you .env file is populated with the proper wss link from Infura

It definitly has the right address… i have double and triple checked it.

I’m also having this problem, seen that responses are somewhat slow on this forum. Hope someone can fix this ASAP, ty :pray:.

im a noob but are you running that terminal in visual studio code?

i got past this part running it from the vs code terminal with the project open

Did you install the dependencies by typing: npm install