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Profitable Flashloans Question

Hi All,

Thanks @jklepatch for the amazing course!

1 question.
If I don’t want to use uniswap as the second exchange, and if I add the details of the preferred exchange into the abi and addresses list. Can I just duplicate the exact same code in video #13-14 used for kyber? Or do i need to use the async functions as we did for uniswap?

Thank you

Glad you enjoy the course.
If you want to use another exchange, you will have to do your own research for what to customize. If you use an exchange that is a fork of Uniswap, at least the smart contract part will be similar. The NodeJS script will probably be a bit different, as I dont think Uniswap fork bothered to fork Uniswap SDK as well.

Thanks Julien for taking the time to reply to such a noob question.

In the meantime I did some research and found some great resources.
I am currently trying to implement your arb bot with 2 uniswap forks.

I might need to book an official consultation with you later this month if I am completely stuck and if you will have time (I saw there is an option for this on your website and I would rather use that then wasting your time for free here).

Thank you for the amazing contents!

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When I run the arbitrage bot (I am at the stage where I am evaluating kyber vs uniswap prices,16th lecture I believe) it seems to give the right pricing for WETH/DAI. When I switch WETH to any other token then the Uniswap pricing is waaaaaay off (Kyber seems to be okay). Is there an error in the calculation somewhere (currently I am running your code pretty much line by line)?

Thank you so much!

I have created the code for a specific pair, so you will have to make some other changes for other pairs yes.