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Real-Estate Dapp

Made a Real-Estate dapp built with React, Truffle & IPFS. Contract owner can add lands with images via IPFS and other users can buy and relist them. Not a serious app but its one concept that can be used with Ethereum. Please let me know your thoughts, thanks!

check out the code here:


Congrats, look good! I really like that you did with 2 different techs, you really tried a few different things, that’s great to learn more!

A few remarks:

  • I would avoid folder names with spaces… that give you some headache when specifying folder names at some point… better to use hyphen to separate words
  • for express / ejs, its good to use it for the exercise, but in a real app / dapp I would not recommend to use it for generating html (was ok 5-10 years ago for that). Its ok for small APIs though
  • careful with NodeJS 9, that’s not a LTS version. Better to use NodeJS 10
  • If you wanted to make it look more fancy, you could something like Material UI.

Hey man, thanks for the feedback! The ejs version was not made by me. I found it made by somebody else and made it as a reference to create my own version which turned out to be entirely different. and i tried out material-ui before. forgot how to use it though haha using css without any ui frameworks has always been my favorite part of making applications

You should make this forreal I was thinking of building one myself, there’s a ton of land here and this app found work. Great job.