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Search for contracts by name

Hi All,
Is there anyway to search for a smart contarct on the blockchain by name?

Smart contracts don’t have names, they have Ethereum addresses.
If you have the ETH address of a contract search it up on

@supermandappdev, thanks alot.
Is there anyway to list all the smart contracts currently deployed on the Ethereum network?
I expect web3.js to have such a function.:grin:

There is a great amount of contracts on the chain so I’d say no…

Thanks. So if we lost our smart contract’s address then it’d be difficult to find it then?:shushing_face:

As long as you have the creator/deployer’s public key or address you can fetch it.

thanks @supermandappdev. If you don’t mind telling me, how can we do that on

In the search bar, you input any ETH address (EOA/Contract) and you’ll receive the account’s entire blockchain activity (transactions, contract creation etc.)

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thanks. I’ll try that. I believe this is also try for

Each testnet also has it’s own etherscan sub-domain…