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Sent my tokens to a contract address by mistake

First message here.
Sent my tokens to a contract address when I was trying yield farming but I cannot see the amounts in Metamask.
I know the address the transaction was sent but I cannot see the crypto in my Metamask wallet.
Anyone had a similar experience? Is there still hope to recover my funds?

Thank you in advance for your help,


In general you should not send your tokens directly to a contract, instead you should let this contract pull the tokens to it by calling a deposit() function (This function could be any other name).

In your case, I dont know the recipient contract you sent your tokens to, but most likely they are lost :frowning:

To interact with the token contract you need an address - which a smart contract has - and a corresponding private key. Unfortunately there is no such idea like “deploy a contract and give me the private key associated with its address” as it does not makes any sense.

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Too bad! well thanks anyway guys!